10 prefectures belong to the Kanto Area gathered to practice their emergency service at the Drill assuming a earthquake with the scale of magnitude 7.3. The training and practice took place in several sites in Kanagawa prefecture. We, Tenma and Drone college were in charge of providing live stream video to the HQ of the major disasater countermeasures.
Thousands of firemen, paramedic, police and rescue dogs exercised at the mock sites of disaster.

Professional pilots from Drone College performed a highly skilled flight at the disaster sitesDrone College

At the disaster sites, the teams had to quickly analyse the situation and set up a strategy to rescue the trapped victims (they used dammy dolls). They even didn’t stop searching over the night. The live stream was braodcasted at Landmark Tower in Yokohama for public viewing.

Shinmeidai Shobunch was the place for the teams to gather and perform their rescue. We used drones including a Matris and 5 assisted drones Phantom4.

An elevated motorway was collapsed and there were some people still trapped inside the cars (at the drill)

The commander makes the strategy.

Drones can fly over to the place where the team cannot easily reach. Our delay-less live stream from the camera set on the drones is very useful to check whether the rescue team can approach to the site.

Drones are controlled by at least 2 pilots. It is very important that no rescures exposed to the risk of crash.

The screen shot of the viewer of 8 channels simultaneously. ( 4 channels in the pic)