We, Tenma will be attending the joint training sessions of rescue teams in Kanto block area for 2 days starting from 30th of November.
The series of sessions will be assuming a hypothetical as huge magnitude as 7.3 earthquake in Kanto, and all the prefectures belong to Kanto will be conducting several rescue trainning at the same time (Kanagawa, Tokyo, Ibaragi, Toschigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Yamanashi, Nagano).

The teams will be made up of the following sections, JSGDF, Japan Coast Guard, MLIT, Kanagawa Police, Kanagawa DMAT, Japan Red Cross Kanagawa, Kanagawa Doctor Helicopter, Rescue Dogs, Kanagawa Oil Association.

We Tenma will be in charge of Live streaming of the trainings from mobile cameras including drones.